Mom to Mom Chat with Raquel

Raquel is in the process of becoming a certified lactation consultant on top of managing two businesses, all while raising two children under five. It sounds like a lot – because it is – but with a little bit of grace and a whole lot of optimism she keeps it all a float. Her energy is contagious and just what is needed in these unprecedented times.

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Mom to Mom Chat with Carolyn

Carolyn’s optimistic attitude toward change keeps us moving even when it feels like stopping – any and everything! – would be easier right now. Busy mom of two (under four!), postpartum doula and owner of CLT Wellness, she speaks with us about how important it is to keep looking forward while staying as active as possible, and what life is like now in upstate New York.

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Understanding Your Infant w/ Ellynne Skove

Ellynne Skove, Founder of Bright Start Babies, GoGo Babies® and Nest Space, has been helping parents truly understand their infants for decades while offering emotional and physical support to mothers, fathers and caregivers in Brooklyn. We are excited to share with you the many, MANY resources Ellynne’s years of pre and peri natal experience hold.

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Bring Your Baby to the Barre

New and expecting moms look no further when searching for a workout that is fun, challenging and keeps you feeling fit no matter what stage of the journey you are in.

Kristine Storie, Owner & Instructor of Xtend Barre, makes it happen in Brooklyn Heights, telling us about the wide assortment of perinatal classes offered and why staying fit pre and post birth is so important.

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Financial Planning for New Parents

Paula Brancato of Barnum Financial Group knows that expectant and first-time parents face a dizzying array of competing financial priorities. The Financial Guide for New parents (free below) offers simple steps you can take to help your family achieve a successful financial future, plus ways to educate your children, so that they will be ahead of the game.

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Personal Training for Personal Muscles: A Women-Only Pelvic Exercise Like You’ve Never Seen Before

vFit provides women-only pelvic exercise classes to help strengthen everything – yes, everything – between your knees and your navel promising to get your vagina back in shape! Join us for a special postnatal vFit class. Details below!

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