Understanding Your Infant w/ Ellynne Skove

Ellynne Skove, Founder of Bright Start Babies, GoGo Babies® and Nest Space, has been helping parents truly understand their infants for decades while offering emotional and physical support to mothers, fathers and caregivers in Brooklyn. We are excited to share with you the many, MANY resources Ellynne’s years of pre and peri natal experience hold.

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Bring Your Baby to the Barre

New and expecting moms look no further when searching for a workout that is fun, challenging and keeps you feeling fit no matter what stage of the journey you are in.

Kristine Storie, Owner & Instructor of Xtend Barre, makes it happen in Brooklyn Heights, telling us about the wide assortment of perinatal classes offered and why staying fit pre and post birth is so important.

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From France to Brooklyn: Perinatal Care With Lara Kohn Thompson

Lara is a wealth of wisdom when it comes to women’s wellness, studying each woman individually in early postpartum retraining. Her practice combines the relationship and trust between stages, taking her own experiences of perinatal treatment in France and bringing them to Brooklyn.

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