Recorded on 5/27/2020. Duration 1hr (audio only)

A conversation with Sleep Experts, Maddy Travers and Margot Marquit of Littlest Learners and Pediatric Dietician, Pegah Jalali, MS RD. 

Starting solids? Changing nap schedule? Wondering what milestone your baby will be reaching next or why their poop is green? Maddy, Margot and Pegah answered anything and everything that us moms threw their way as we discussed baby's nutrition, sleep habits and overall wellness in this live (and recorded) Q+A. 

In this session:

  • Recommendations for baby’s first foods, when to start and how many days between each introduction
  • Starting a sleep training routine. Should we be letting baby cry-it-out (even when it hurts mom and dad!)?
  • Baby Led Weaning - worth the hype?
  • What type of reactions to look out for as allergens are introduced
  • Nap training - where do we start? And what to do when they’re inconsistent. 
  • What to do when your newborn is uninterested in nursing 
  • Mucousy poops. What’s the deal with that!
  • Is my baby peeing enough?
  • To flip or not flip a baby who’s rolled from back to tummy in the crib
  • How to spot sleep queues and establish a solid bedtime routine
  • Meal time routines when introducing solids 

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