It’s Ok To Mourn Your Old Self!

By: Michelle Goitia

This article is originally posted on Bend + Bloom Yoga (Park Slope). View here.

I stood in the bathroom, looking at myself in the mirror thinking, “I look the same, how can I now be someone’s mother?”

These are the words I said to myself in the first few days after my daughter was born (20 years ago). As I got used to this new role, I seemed to reflect on my old self as Michelle, Marketing Associate, wife, daughter, sister and friend. 

The new Michelle – “Mom” – now had to take into consideration and be responsible for someone other than myself.

What I have learned over the years, and based on something that my mom said to me, is: “You have to take care of yourself first so that you can be the best mom to your child.” This is a hard lesson to learn, and to do this without losing myself was even harder.

Reminding myself that self-care is not “selfish” was the first step in my process. Secondly, not drowning in the “mom guilt” was even more important.  You will learn about your new role daily, taking in many experiences that will stay with you.  Those experiences are moments that you can share with other mom’s or even your kids.

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Michelle is the owner of JC Bump & Baby. JC Bump & Baby offers a variety of fun yet informative activities for moms and babies. Connect with other moms by joining support groups, yoga classes, workshops or our private Facebook page. We offer guidance for women in every stage of motherhood.

Photo + text courtesy of JC Bump & Baby.

Meet Michelle Goitia.

Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Instructor.
Well care workshop + Birth support Leader.

“As a young girl growing up in NM I found that riding horses gave me a sense of calm that I later found on my yoga mat.  I began practicing yoga in 2000, since my daughter was born in 1998, I had not yet discovered how yoga would enhance my pregnancy. With my son’s birth in 2003 I could tell the benefits of yoga as my pregnancy progressed.  At this point  I knew I wanted to share my experience with other women.  This is why I’ve dedicated myself to teaching prenatal & postpartum yoga, lead well care workshops, & offer birth support. I love helping mothers connect with their babies through yoga and watching babies & children respond to its  soothing calm and peacefulness. I’ve finally found my passion in assisting women through the full spectrum of well care from pregnancy to recovery in the postpartum period.”

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