Mom to Mom Chat with Raquel

In this edition we speak with:

Raquel Federowicz Business Manager at Project Date Night + Owner of Here & Now Events

Recorded on: 8/18/2020

Duration: 47:42

Available in audio/video

Raquel is in the process of becoming a certified lactation consultant on top of managing two businesses, all while raising two children under five. It sounds like a lot – because it is – but with a little bit of grace and a whole lot of optimism she keeps it all a float. Her energy is contagious and just what is needed in these unprecedented times.

We speak with Raquel about balancing her role as entrepreneur, wife, partner and parent while maintaining a healthy balance to make time for mama too. 

In this session:

  • How to keep things moving when there’s no end in sight
  • Running a business that is built on bringing people together
  • Education and what the reopening of schools means for her family
  • Importance of learning through play
  • Punctuality while parenting – is it even possible?
  • Balance of everyday life 
  • Wellness – physical, emotional 
  • How to make time for you
  • Q-tips (quarantine tips) – whether it be an at-home activity, workout/wellness, product, a show, a podcast – things that are getting us through the LONG days   

This recording can be listened to or viewed at your convenience and is available for free below.

MOM-TO-MOM SUPPORT:To help support Raquel’s efforts in keeping Here and Now Events afloat (paying website costs/getting new inventory for micro and virtual events) and in completing her CLC, she asks that any donations be made to the following: venmo @raquel-Federowicz Quickpay PayPal

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