Mom to Mom Chat with Jennifer

In this edition we speak with:
Jennifer Khalaf of Thrive Hive Wellness

Recorded on: 8/4/2020
Duration: 35:33
Available in audio/video

As Jen says, sometimes as mothers we just need to be SEEN. Our feelings need to be validated and our worries need to be recognized. We speak with Jen about all the feels it’s impossible not to be experiencing as we juggle the many roles of parenting, working, friendships and overall wellness of our mind + body during life in a pandemic.

In this session:

  • Stories we tell ourselves 
  • Changing the narrative of our pandemic selves
  • How to be okay with things being not okay right now
  • Expectations of self have changed  – how to accept that 
  • The stresses of juggling work/relationships/friendships/sociability 
  • All the factors we cannot control
  • Balance of everyday life 
  • Wellness – physical, emotional 
  • Time – how do we make time to workout? To call a friend? To feed ourselves the nutrients we need to maintain a healthy normalcy 
  • What are you feeling? 
  • Q-tips (quarantine tips) – whether it be an at-home activity, workout/wellness, product, a show, a podcast – things that are getting us through the LONG days   

This 30 minute recording can be listened to or viewed at your convenience and is available for free below.

Thrive Hive Wellness offers the best in nutrition and wellness consulting with a unique focus on moms at every stage of motherhood. Contact Founder, Jennifer Khalaf, to learn more. 

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