Personal Training for Personal Muscles: A Women-Only Pelvic Exercise Like You’ve Never Seen Before

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Anastasia of vFitUSA to discuss a new kind of postpartum pelvic floor workout that uses a personal intra-vaginal device called a Pel-V. This form of exercise has been tried and true in Europe for years, but as it often goes, we are just now exploring it here in the States. Luckily, Anastasia is here to tell us more.

So what exactly is vFitUSA?
vFitUSA provides women-only pelvic exercise classes to help strengthen everything – yes, everything – between your knees and your navel. Let’s not be shy about this: It will help get your vagina back in shape. And it will tone and tighten your butt, your belly and your thighs as well as your perineum.

How is it different than kegel exercises?
Well, your first class includes a personal intra-vaginal device, called Pel-v. You can use it at home, in the class, or not at all. Your choice. No-one but you will ever know because you can’t see it through your gym clothes. It’s made of super soft medical-grade silicone that fits every woman and provides internal resistance for your muscles to work against.

Why is this type of pelvic floor exercise different than say, one that doesn’t use a Pel-v? And is the device absolutely necessary? Or can women choose to do the workout without it?
Think about exercising your biceps with weights at gym. You get results fast. That’s what Pel-v does. But if you prefer not to use Pel-v, there are lots of fun vFitUSA exercises that will give your inner woman a healthy workout.

What can women expect at their first vFitUSA class?
Your first vFitUSA class will focus mainly on simple core exercises and teaching you to use Pel-v. Once you get beyond the basics it’s like yoga. It can get as advanced as you want. Also like yoga, you need to do it more than once to benefit.

Where are your classes offered and when should a woman attend postpartum?
vFit classes are currently offered at two locations: Xtend Barre Brooklyn, and Xtend Barre Tribeca. If you want to try vFit exercises very soon after giving birth, we recommend checking with your doctor first. Most women will be good to go anytime after the first couple of months. The best guide is what feels comfortable for you. 

Lastly, where can moms signup to try it out?
Join us Saturday, December 14th at noon for a special Postnatal Brooklyn Bump community class! Space is limited, class is free. Register here:

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