Recorded on 7/24/2020. Duration 42 mins

A conversation with Sleep Experts, Maddy Travers and Margot Marquit of Littlest Learners

This call is geared toward two things that are as temperamental as they are lovely: sleep + toddlers! Listen in or watch us chat as we go over everything from dropping a nap to wake-up times (and how to begin a consistent routine). 

In this session:

  • Napping schedule and the impacts of nighttime sleep
  • Wake-time vs bedtime - when should a toddler be getting up and going down for the day
  • How to stop middle of the night stirring
  • Tips for napping on-the-go, in a new environment and in the car
  • Co-sleeping and tips for a successful transition from bed to crib/toddler bed
  • Average sleep and wake times for toddlers
  • Tips for self-soothing to help baby (and mom) get a little extra Zzz’s
  • Siblings! When is it appropriate for a newborn and a toddler (or older child) to share a room and some great advice to make this transition easier 

Please note this content is considered premium and is pay-to-click at this time in support of our partners generosity in sharing their time and expertise with us! Thank you for viewing. 

Covid19 notice: please contact us at if you are experiencing financial hardships during this unprecedented time. We do not want any parent excluded from the resources offered

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