Too Soon To Register?

Why it’s never too soon to get your list growing.

“When did you start a registry? I feel like it’s too soon…” Twenty-five weeks pregnant woman asks thirty-seven weeks pregnant woman at a prenatal yoga class. 

“Well, I had a shower at the beginning of this month, so probably a couple months before that,” thirty-seven weeks pregnant woman replies. 

Thirty-nine weeks pregnant woman relaxing on a bolster jumps in, “But you can always start it and just keep it private. Make it public when you are ready to share.” 

Yes, woman on a bolster! We couldn’t agree more. 

How soon is too soon to start a baby registry? 

Our thoughts: it’s never too early. 


Because experienced moms LOVE to share what they LOVE with expecting moms.

Trust me, you’ll be finishing up your first trimester, just happy that the nausea has subsided, when your girlfriend/sister/friend begins texting you things you just “have to have”. All this unasked-for-advice is great but can also be overwhelming. I personally welcome any and all feedback in areas where I bear no experience, however, keeping track of all these “must-have items” is another story. 

Pregnancy brain is REAL people and I can almost guarantee that seven months down the road you won’t remember that Polly Pineapple teething soother that Jenny insisted you get (and we do recommend it!). Why not throw Polly on your registry now, so that you can look back later and buy her when needed? 

So what do we recommend? 

Creating a Babylist is a great place to start. Babylist allows you to compile everything you need (or that Jenny says you need) into one, organized list – no matter what store your baby gear is coming from. It’s like The Knot’s version of their wedding registry, except for babies. 

Why we love it. 

Aside from the obvious – that it’s super convenient – it’s also incredibly easy to use. Simply add the “add to Babylist” bookmark to your computer, then anytime you find an item that you think your little nugget may need (or want), click on it (add to Babylist). The item will automatically be put on your list and saved for future reference. The site walks you through this step-by-step with little room for error.

We also love that the list keeps both mom and gift purchasers extremely organized by having the ability to separate your list into categories such as, baby gear, clothes & accessories, and feeding.

The “must have” option that will alert your list viewers of the items you really, really need, makes it easy to decipher the “aww that’s cute” from the “essential-to-our-survival” items leaving parents-to-be with more necessities and less graphic onesies. 

Babylist also offers parents-to-be gift options outside of material things, such as, requesting for sitter care or a meal after the baby is born (hello casseroles!).

If you accept your FREE Baby Box (and why wouldn’t you?!) then they’ll send you a pack of 30 registry cards listing the site’s address that you can easily personal to match your page and slip into a shower invite.

And lastly, like the very wise mom-to-be at yoga said, you can keep this list private indefinitely. Not planning to even have a shower? Who cares. Make one anyway! Make it for yourself. Trust us when we say, you’ll be happy you did. 

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