Why Can’t I Eat That? Food Aversions During Pregnancy

Are there things you used to love that suddenly make you sick? And I don’t mean first trimester gag-if-you-see-it sick. I mean throw-up for no reason (without warning) after digesting it sick? This happened to me with bananas, a food I used to happily consume every morning. 

Around seven weeks I noticed that in addition to finding my face in the toilet with no immanent cause, I was more consistently meeting the porcelain head-on after consuming a banana. At first, I blamed bananas digestive partners (i.e the other ingredients in the green smoothie, the yogurt, the peanut butter), but in time, it was clear that there was one common denominator that found me ill: the banana that accompanied these delicious treats.

The evidence was apparent, but I’m a stubborn person, and was still not quite able to give up my favorite fruit. In the next couple months I tried to sneak in a yellow guy – never on it’s own and sometimes only a half – but every single time, without fail, I was sick within an hour after eating him.

It wasn’t until my final nana attempt at 18 weeks, that had me sicker than a dog (the first time in two weeks), that I threw in the towel and gave up my old friend for good. This sudden estrangement had me wondering how common it is to have a new food aversion (or allergy) during pregnancy? What I found is that the answer is yes, it’s very common. 

According to Healthline “Food aversions, like cravings, are possibly caused by the hormonal changes of pregnancy.” Although food aversions most commonly occur during the first trimester, the article notes that they can happen at any time throughout pregnancy and that having the baby is not necessarily the end-all, be-all for these aversions. 

My banana aversion (or perhaps new allergy?) is not among the most common, but when searching for other women who experienced banana problems, I realized I was not alone.

Women utilizing forums on popular sites such as BabyCenter and Mumsnet were vocal about their sudden banana aversions, one writing “I’ve tried to eat bananas a few times within the past month and every time I do, I get sick. I don’t understand.” 

We don’t either user MGOSLEE, but we feel your pain! 

So then the question becomes, is this allergy or aversion, a sign that your little babe does not want you to be eating those foods either?

Sounds a little crazy – I know! How could this little tiny ball of cells be causing such a digestive disrupt? But is it? One unidentified BabyCenter mama wrote that her “doctor explained that 9 times out of 10 if an expecting mother develops an allergy, it’s very common for baby to have that allergy once born.”

Will my little boy not be able to stomach the fruit either once born? Only time will tell, but for now, I will continue to discontinue my old monkey ways and remain banana-free for the remainder of this pregnancy. 

What are your pregnancy can’t eat foods? Tell us what you’re giving up below.

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